Allow usage of underscore in public links to maintain backwards-compatibility

Hi all,
we’re trying to upgrade our existing Pydio 7 installation to Cells, but we’re encountering a few issues with public links. Apart from the different structure (missing the ‘data’ folder, no big deal because we can proxy it), the public links don’t allow the usage of underscores in the custom part.

My plan is to create a URL rewrite of some sort and create new links with dashes, but I preferred to ask anyway if there’s a configuration parameter that can enable the underscore character?


Thanks for posting!
I guess you are manually editing the link in the interface ? This part is using a “slugification” library on the UX side (which removes chars like underscore), but if you try to edit it via API it will work. Have you tried using the API already?

Hi Charles, no I didn’t. Might be our best chance here, thanks for the tip! At this point we’re evaluating to just redo the links since they’re not too many, but it’s a great technique.

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