Slow to delete and move files

Hello, I just installed Pydio Cells 1.0.4 on CentOS 7 and I am quite impressed by its speed generally. However, moving file between folders or deleting file seems slow, even slower than uploading a file. It seems even though the file is stored in local file system, deleting or moving file works like copying. I just wonder if I missed something in the setup / configuration, or it is how it is designed to work?

Thank you for your hard work on Pydio Cells. Have a wonderful day!

Yep, this is a downside but this is “by design” : as files are handled via an Object Storage interface, move operation is in fact a copy/delete. This ensures integrity, as well as makes it consistent accross storage backends (fs / s3). We may work on optimizing this in the future for local fs.

And wait for next version : we finally remove PHP totally, and speed is even better!

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Thank you for your reply and explanation. I look forward to the new version! Have a wonderful day!


Is this problem fixed already?

I’m experiencing the same problem as well on the latest version, 1.5.3