"Session Setup Failed" when changing workspace template

I have several SMB workspaces based on the same template. All are working fine so far. If I open the template and add the description (which is mandatory in newer versions only) all workspaces no longer work.
Error message: “session setup failed”.

How can I modify a workspace template without breaking all workspaces?

i don’t really know where this “session setup failed” comes from. Do you really have to edit the template description? is it blocking?

In fact I only need to change the IP address because we’re moving an SMB server. Same problem “session setup failed”…

“Session setup failed” is error of incorrect credential. When you move samba server, please try to use “smbclient” on pydio server to test connection to samba share that make sure there is no issue with credential (usually Domainname\user format)

It is NOT a credential error because the template IS working. As soon as you click save in an existing template without changing any functional parameter you’ll get this error…
If I crate a new template with the same setting, it’s working fine. But I’'m using ~40 SMB workspaces, therefore this is not an option for me :wink: