Roles disappears when users from External connectors


We just installed pydio 3.0.6 from 2.2.12.

We have new comportement about Roles on Users from External connectors.

Here is my case:
I have 2 users X & Y from my external connectors (OIDC).

  1. X create an team and add Y to this same team.
  2. I log in with admin user and i see that Y has the new role (all is okay)
  3. Y logs in. He doesn’t belongs to the team.
  4. I log in with admin user and i see that Y loses his team role.

Conclusion :
When a user connects from external connectors (OIDC for my case), he loses his roles.

I also manually added roles (not team roles this time) on users, they also loose those roles when they log in.

Is there a connection with 3.0.4: Release Bugfixes · pydio/cells ( ?

Thank you in advance

Hello @Antoine_Ferey and thanks for reporting.

As seen with our support, you have indeed found a bug in the enterprise connector. This will be fixed and released with the 3.0.8 that should be out soon.



After somes scenarios. All is okay with the 3.0.8. :smiley:

Thank you for the responsiveness

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