Right on user account are not getting saved

I installed the latest version of Cells v1.0.1 Home.

I can create a both a Workspace and a User.

When I attempt to grant the user rights to the Workspace the check boxes change to checked, and remain checked after clicking save. However if I close the user and reopen the same user, the permissions to the workspace remain unchanged, in otherwords the desired permissions are not being recorded.

Additionally there after making a change and clicking save, thre is a popup message appearing at the bottom of the screen saying words to the effect “changes have been saved”.

The application log shows the following: ( note in I tried updating the same account twice, hence two entries )

2018-08-24T16:53:24.244-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.auth Login {"identity": {"UserID":"0e6869c3-a750-11e8-9678-00e04c683208","Username":"admin","Email":"","EmailVerified":true,"Groups":[],"AuthSource":"pydioapi","DisplayName":"","Profile":"admin","Roles":["ROOT_GROUP","0e6869c3-a750-11e8-9678-00e04c683208"],"GroupPath":"/","ConnectorData":null}}

2018-08-24T16:54:21.464-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.role Role [User RoYoMi] has been updated {"MsgId": "53", "RoleUuid": "223f1e6f-a7de-11e8-8810-00e04c683208"}

2018-08-24T16:54:37.525-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.role Role [User RoYoMi] has been updated {"MsgId": "53", "RoleUuid": "223f1e6f-a7de-11e8-8810-00e04c683208"}

2018-08-24T16:55:16.830-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.tasks Run Job prune-versions-job on timer event Iso8601Schedule:"R/2012-06-04T19:25:16.828696-07:00/PT15M" 

2018-08-24T16:55:16.831-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.tasks Run Job users-activity-digest on timer event Iso8601Schedule:"R/2012-06-04T19:25:16.828696-07:00/PT15M" 

2018-08-24T16:55:16.835-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.tasks Run Job flush-mailer-queue on timer event Iso8601Schedule:"R/2012-06-04T19:25:16.828696-07:00/PT5M" 

2018-08-24T16:55:16.837-0500 INFO pydio.grpc.tasks Run Job actions.auth.prune.tokens on timer event Iso8601Schedule:"R/2012-06-04T19:25:16.828696-07:00/PT5M"

we would advise you to use our latest release Cells 1.0.3 home, could you please do that and then tell me if the issue still appears.

Thank you. I just updated to 1.0.3.

I think the problem I was having here is related to the datasource not being created correctly. Apparently if Cells doesn’t have write access to the datasource’s parent folder then it is unable to create a .pydio folder there. Oddly even if the .pydio folder already exists it fails too.

When editing the workspace, I hadn’t successfully created a datasource… which I beleive caused my original problem.

Thank you for your time