Raspberry 4 / ARMV7 image

Hi everyone.
I was looking for an ARMV7 image but didnn’t find it.
Can you help me please?

To the best of my knowledge, you’ll have to compile your own…
I did that for a quad-core ARMv8 @1.4 GHz, running on a Synology NAS (running some variant of Linux, with kernel 4.4.59) and it sort of worked… I mean the compilation… actually running the binary did sadly fail.

Oh… I forgot… in order to compile Pydio Cells, you need a working Go language environment. Here is a forum thread showing that there should be no problem installing Go on a Raspberry Pi 4.

OK thanks GwynethLlewelyn.
I never did it myself so it’s time to learn ^^

What do you mean by “running the binary did sadly fail”?
Do Pydio run fine or not on your NAS?

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Hi, the maintainer of the linuxserver pydio cells image here.

We currently only provide an x86_64 image because we are unable to compile on arm32v7 or arm64v8 (various upstream errors). The dockerfile is on our github. You can test it locally by changing the FROM lsiobase/alpine:3.11 to FROM lsiobase/alpine:arm32v7-3.11 on lines 1 and 53 here: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-pydio-cells/blob/master/Dockerfile

I should have been more clear, sorry about that… I did manage to compile it for the ARMv8 on the Synology NAS, but I couldn’t run it — so, no, Pydio sadly didn’t run on my NAS…

Mind you, the Raspberry Pi has probably a much larger base of users, and the Go compiler will very likely work ‘better’ on the Raspberry than on the Synology NAS (I wonder if anyone ever compiles things with Go on the Synology NAS!.. well, I do because I’m a Go fangirl lol), so perhaps you’re able not only to compile it, but to run it as well.

Then I again, as said, I didn’t spent too much time looking at getting Pydio Cells on the NAS. It would be a ‘nice’ thing to have, sure, but I already have plenty of tools to sync with the NAS; I use Pydio Cells mostly on remote servers, not local ones…


Last week we have re-plugged our build pipe for Linux-arm64 and I have quickly but successfully tested it on an arm64 Amazon Linux 2 instance in AWS cloud.

In case you are interested, you can grab the latest build in our download server (1) and I would be happy to help if you have any feedback or question.

(1): https://download.pydio.com/pub/cells/dev/linux-arm64/cells/dev/linux-arm64/cells

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Hello all,
thanks a lot for all of your answers.
Unfortunatly, I’m running out of time right now for testing on a Pi :confused:

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Sorry for bumping a year-old-thread, but I just wished to say that I have successfully downloaded the cells version for arm64, and run it on my home Synology NAS. It seems to work! I haven’t taken much time to test it — I’m not sure if I wish to run MySQL on the NAS :frowning: — but it certainly looks very promising! Much better than my current failed attempts at cross-compiling Cells on macOS to create a functional arm64 version… I knew I should have been reading these forums more frequently…

Oh, BTW, it should be obvious, but @bsinou’s link is actually https://download.pydio.com/pub/cells/dev/linux-arm64/cells.

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Hello bsinou
I have downloaded the latest cells build for linux-arm64 on a Raspberry Pi 4 but keep getting cannot execute binary file: Exec format error.
I don’t know exactly how can I debug further.
Do you know what can be causing this?
Thank you