Install cells V2 on raspberry pi

Hello, I’m trying to install pydio cells V2 on raspberry pi. When I do “sudo ./cells install” I have an error : ./cells : 9: syntax error: “(” unexpected
Can you help me ?

Hello, which OS do you have on your raspberry ? Which binary do you use ?

Hi Vincent, welcome to the community!

Adding a further question… what specific hardware/CPU is your Raspberry Pi? If you do a quick search around these forums, you’ll see that there are some answers to your question; the correct binary will depend on the kind of ARM architecture that your Raspberry Pi has.

My guess is that you can always try to compile it from the sources, assuming that you have a working Go environment on your Raspberry Pi. A Google search of installing golang on raspberry pi will show you quite a lot of links to learn how to do that. I’d still recommend sticking with a binary distribution, though — it will allow you to auto-update much more easily!

Thank you for tout answers. I m using raspbian bustier lite on model b+. I m trying to install pydio cells from and then “cells home linux 64b”. I will try an another binary.