Getting Cells working on Raspberry Pi

Hi All,

Im trying to get Cells working with Docker on my Raspberry Pi3 and was wondering if anyone has had any luck. So far ive only found a very old version of Pydio here

My Pi is running Raspbine so vanilla Dockerfiles usually dont work, arm64 based images. Is there one availible?


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All I can say is that Pydio Cells runs on a Synology NAS which also has an ARM processor, and it definitely runs the Go release for the aarch64 architecture. I’m not using Docker, though.


It’s possible if you use an arm64, that will require you to build a Cells binary using for the following,
(Assuming that you are inside the folder:

env GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm64 make main CELLS_VERSION=x.x

(that is if you build on another machine, if you are going to install go inside your raspberry then you can omit the env GOOS, GOARCH)

It all depends on your Raspberry, unfortunately, it will not for 32bits system.