Docker image for arm64

I am looking to install Pydio cells in docker on arm64v8 platform. Could you please make these images available.

Thanks so much!

Hi @junglebell

We have (yet) no plan to also build and maintain the ARM64v8 docker image for Cells. In which scenario would you use it?

Thus said, it shouldn’t to difficult to do it by yourself if you have experience with ARM64 images, the docker image only embed:

  • the cells binary (that we also provide for ARM)
  • jq (that you can now safely omit, it is just more convenient to have it on the images to analyse the json local config file)
  • the starting script (that should work out of the box on ARM)

For the record, the docker files we use to build the AMD image are also open source and can be found there:

Let us know if you try and bump into problems, we will see what we can do to help.

@bsinou - thanks so much for the docker file information - this is excellent. Though I do not have much experience with docker files yet, I was able to grasp the concept and could possibly work with it.

Appreciate all the help.

No probs, thanks for the feedback.

Happy file sharing!

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