Pydio Sync not preserving timestamp of origin file

When creating or changing a file on either side (locally on a client or directly on server using the web gui), timestamp of last change will not be preserved, but set to the time when synchronised on all other computers.

So that’s specially an issue when working offline, synchronisation failed and had to be setup again, or when a new client is joining a repository with existing files, as it then will see a wrong, confusing timestamp of every file locally (timestamp is only accurate on the source computer where the file was really created or changed).

Expected behaviour:
timestamps of file creation and last modification are synchronised as well, even when file was changed offline.

we are working on a new sync client version and as for now we have a working a version (that we still are working on) and it would be helpful if you installed it and tried to reproduce your issue, if it still happens could you give us the feedback,

here the link for the sync client (still under development)

Wanted to give it a try and installed mentioned, most current PydioSync for Windows (32-bit). Installation went fine, but when want to start the program, I got following an error messsage telling that the version of the file is not compatible with version of windows running (see screenshot):

VM that we use for testing Sync Client is a Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 32-bit installation.

As I remember, had this problem already before with a certain release of PydioSync…

Many thanks for any hint, I gladly help with testing new releases as far i find some time for :wink:

i think the issue happens because our new client might only work on 64bits distributions

OK, tried on a 64bit Windows. But now, after configuring a sync, and sync has begun, following error occurs:
“Unexpected Error: Cannot operate on a closed cursor.”

Tried with both Pydio Free (Version 7.0.2) and Pydio Enterprise (8.2.1) installation -> same error!

the dev working on that just told me that it will we fixed on his next release when it’s available it would be helpful if you tried it again i will keep you updated about it’s availability.

He told me that this error should not really impair the client, could you take a look at the file that you synchronized and see that it appears on your pydio instance.