Aggressive lock block file saving


When saving a new file (from Word, or from a download in browser), Pydio sync rushes on the file at the create moment and lock it, preventing other application to write data. The file size is 0 byte.
It occurs almost every times, my users have to open files explorer to manually check if the file is correctly saved.

Latest version of Pydio on Ubuntu 16 and Pydio-sync on Windows 10 used.
Sync is done in both way, at fixed time or automatically.

Thank you for any hint!


what you can do is set the Sync Frequency to one that doesn’t affect you while you’re working and then sync it when you’re not operating on the file.


Thanks Zayn, already tested! There is a Pydio service listening for file change, even if sync is paused. That’s this service which lock files.
On my computer, sync is set to run at 1pm, but the problem is there.


we experience this trouble too. While saving from MS Office and exporting from our IS.
PydioSync 1.2.9 Win client. Some parameter to delay sync 10-15 seconds would be very helpful…


Hi there,

Do you still have the issues with the sync cleint?

We’ve tested continious file editing and it seems to work fine. Please download and the update (Windows and OSX) and let us know if it helps.




thanks for your interest in our issue. I updated Pydio client yesterday and issue is still there. Naturally it happens sometimes, once or twice a day while saving files in Office. And 50:50 while exporting data from our .NET based IS and saving to disk. I expect that current Office is written in .NET too. So I think our issue is a trouble with a way .NET creates new files - creates zero size file and then edits it.

If I try to force it to occur I do several quick Save As operations one after another.
I receive Word error ribbon usually during fourth or fifth run:
“Document saving failed, try different file name.” This message is a new Office behavior after some update. Previously just Save As dialog reappeared. A zero size document appears in the filesystem, is caught by Pydio service and locked, so the content cannot be inserted. Office asks for another file name…

It would be great if we found some workaround for this. I think that flawless operation of Pydio with such widely spread Office suite is important.

Regards, Tomas



The issue is still present on the latest client.

Any news about this bug ? Any tuning to do on windows host or another workaround ?