Consisting permanent sync conflict with PydioSync on Macs while editing various files

Hi there,

I’m new to Pydio and am experiencing consisting issues with PydioSync on Mac.

While editing a file locally, PydioSync tries to sync the file with the server version and claims, that the server file has been modified while the local file was modified by editing. The only way to deal with it is to switch PydioSync to solve conflicts manually what is really annoying and no real option in a productive team.

An additional problem is, that Pydio writes copies of the file while editing in some cases - but does not sync them either.

The file type doesn’t matter (.pages, .ai, .psd, even tiny .txt).

What is triggering the server file version to get the modified status - while nobody is working on this file on server-side?

The problem occurs on several Mac-Devices (iMacs, Macbook Pro on High Sierra) with Pydio 8.0.2 (Shared Hosting) and PydioSync 1.2.8.

I did my search on google and in the archive of this forum, but did not find a solution.


are you sure the time on client and server are consistent ?

Hi, what environnement is your sever on ? and could you use as said our friend above the command date and see if it matches your mac`s time.


thanks for your reply!

I checked the date with php date command: It‘s exactly as the local machine, including correct timezone.

Pydio is installed for testing purposes on a webhosting package from the german provider, before buying a dedicated NAS.
The provider itself offers an installer for Pydio, therefore I assumed that the basics are functional. The provider itself offers no support for third-party-software.

I wasn‘t able to solve the problem yet.


The provider itself offers an installer for Pydio, therefore I assumed that the basics are functional.

Not so sure…
I have tested several preconfigured installations with a lot of issues.

Hi baschti,

Basically when a local file is edited the changed is applied on the server side file. The server then notifies back the sync client that the server side file has been updated. The sync client consider that notification an echo as it matches with the initial editing and end up ignoring it.

Maybe in your case and because of continious editing the client has troubles matching the echo.

Do you still have the issue?

Please download and try this update and let us know if it helps.