Pydio Pro app connecting to AMAHI server ... NOT

PLEASE … need some help …

Have just purchased Pydio Pro android app to share files between my cell phone and my Amahi home server.

I enter the http address & password (same as what I normally use to logon to amahi server) in the app.

App displays “No response from server”

I am connected to the same home network as amahi.
I have Pydio installed on the amahi server (admin/amahiadmin) which opens fine.

Am I not doing something which I should?
Please help.

Thank you.


Try to use webbrower with http://address/api (or /pydio/api). If it ask you to enter password, that means the api is configured correctly. Otherwise, verify api configuration :

Thank you for your message.
Did what you wrote and got the following :-1:

The page you were looking for doesn’t exist.

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.

Please report this error in Amahi Forums.

Or if you think this is a bug, better yet, report it in the Amahi tracker under “platform --> new issue”.

For Troubleshooting visit here Troubleshoot


I mean: http://Amahi_home_server_address/api (or /pydio/api)

Thank you - but, yes, that is what I entered - getting same message

hi, i don’t know how amahi server is integrating pydio, but it may be breaking the link between the app and the web interface if there is some authentication of some sorts in-between. Sorry about that, it’s an integration issue.