Pydio Cells not starting after configuration

I am trying to install Pydio Cells v2.2.6 in a container in Proxmox using a Debian 10 base image and I am following the guide found here: Install Cells on Debian/Ubuntu | Pydio

I have a MariaDB server (10.5.9) installed on another host with a user setup according to the instructions in the link above.

The path /mnt/datastorage is a NFS share mounted on the proxmox host and the added to the container. I have tested that the pydio user in the container have read and write access to the share.

I have tried both the web based configuration and the terminal based, but both result in the same problem when starting cells, the web interface does not start. The log says “Restarting proxy” over and over again.

The terminal output can be found here: Ghostbin

I am thankful for any assistance you can give me in troubleshooting this.

I tried reconfiguring by dropping the database and recreating it and then deleting the pydio.json file in /var/cells/.

This time I left the data location at the default path, but the same behaviour continued as in the first post.

Hello @MattiasC ,

from what I can understand from your log output there seem to be no issue,
do you have a reverse proxy, firewall in your setup ?

For a clean reinstall could you drop the database and completely clean the data folder.

Could you try those steps again and if it still does not work, I will see in detail what I can do.

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