Pydio becomming unresponsive after a while

I’ve been running Pydio cells for a while in a docker container ontop of a Proxmox Hypervisor for a while.
Every few days the pydio cells gui becomes extremely unresponsive not refreshing when I file or folder was created or deleted even when refreshing the page. I have to restart the whole Pydio cells container for it to become responsive again.
I tried with and without my nginx reverse proxy, both yielding the same results.

I also have been having issues with large multipart files behind my reverse proxy only.
I followed the provided guide for the setup, but nothing changes.

Another small issue that is slightly bothering me is the session timeout. I would like to turn it off completly, but I have not found any help on that.

I hope all these issues can be resolved with the community.

Thanks in Advance!

Hi @iPad and welcome to the forum,

could you please precise:

  • Version of Cells, Type and version of DB (is it MariaDB 10.6)?
  • What is the value of ulimit in the image?

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