Pydio Cells - adding a custom page

Hey there,

I succesfully customized pydio 8 but for pydio cells it’s another thing…
Can you just tell me if I can use the caddy server from pydio cells and how ? Where I need to put the file ? For example, just display a php file.

Like pydio is running from :
My php file will be accessible from :

It’s even better if it’s only accessible if I’m logged into pydio.

Thanks !


Are you talking about redesigning the login page?

The caddy configuration is only accessible in the code, but you could add a Reverse proxy in front of Cells and then have multiple access points for your case.

Hey there !

Hmm no, it’s not redesigning the application.
I just want to reuse the server that’s already in place with pydio cells, if it’s possible.

For exemple, put a php file that I’ve written that has nothing to do with pydio, on the server.
So it could be accessible on the same domain where is pydio cells, like :
pydio is in :
my php file is in :


I would advise you to add a reverse proxy with PHP and add your multiple access points, the webserver inside Cells (Caddy) is only used to expose the gateways.
Moreover Cells does not use php anymore therefore it would be more tricky for you.

Ok thanks for the tips.