Pydio API . Upload data

Omg always this problem when i try to upload with Pydio Api (with nodejs):

‘<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>Warning, missing either ‘path’ parameter or X-File-Name header.’

Please help

could you show me what you used to upload, so that i can locate the error ?

var URI_PYDIO = ‘https://…/pydio/api/my-workspace/’;

function uploadToPydio(csvFile) {

var fileToUpload = __dirname + '/backup/' + csvFile;
var url = URI_PYDIO + 'upload/?' + jsonFormat;

var readStream = fs.createReadStream(fileToUpload);

var formData = {
    toUpload: {
        value: fs.createReadStream(fileToUpload),
        options: {
            filename: fileToUpload.originalname,
            contentType: fileToUpload.mimeType

var options = {
    url: url,
    method: 'POST',
    formData: formData,
    headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/json',
        'Content-Length': Buffer.byteLength(body),
        'X-File-Name' : fileToUpload.originalname,
        'Authorization': 'Basic ' + new Buffer('myUSERNAME' + ':' + 'myPASSWORD').toString('base64')

request(options, (err, resp, body) => {
    console.log('-------------Upload Finished----------------');
    console.log('Response from server', resp);
    console.log('Erreur from server', err);
    if (err) {
        console.log('Erreur ', err);

    if (!err && resp.statusCode === 200) {
        console.log('Corectly Uploaded');


could you put your server in debug mode by following those steps


Go to conf/bootstrap_context.php .
Switch this line to true :
define(“AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG” , true);

Thank you , but Unfortunately, I can not access the server because I just integrate an API for a client.
They want i upload to pydio every Monday a csv file

What does the error mean ?

Please help

I can’t say more than what the message is saying itself, either the path is missing or wrong or the header.

Thanks .
According to the documentation how to upload a file :

URI_PYDIO/upload     or   URI_PYDIO/io 

Sorry but i don’t understand the pydio documentation .The are no details about how to use exactly upload with the v1 or v2 API.

Sorry but there is currently a bug on our website we are working on it,
when it will work again, you go to this part of our site here you will find a guide on how to use the API’s, it will be on the api endpoints section.