Public shares not working in Pydio 8.25

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I recently updated to Pydio 8.25, using the auto upgrade, upon doing so public shares stopped working.

I validated based on a few days of searching forums checking .htacess , Apache settings, and php as well as clearing files in /cache/ but to no avail. The links will populate but when accessing them I get a blank white page.

I noticed if I check the console output I see the following

pydio.boot.min.js:4 Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined
at Function.Connexion.updateServerAccess (pydio.boot.min.js:4)
at PydioBootstrap.refreshContextVariablesAndInit (pydio.boot.min.js:4)
at PydioBootstrap. (pydio.boot.min.js:4)
at Connexion.applyComplete (pydio.boot.min.js:4)
at pydio.boot.min.js:4
Connexion.updateServerAccess @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
PydioBootstrap.refreshContextVariablesAndInit @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
(anonymous) @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
Connexion.applyComplete @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
(anonymous) @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
Promise.then (async)
(anonymous) @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
Promise.then (async)
Connexion._send @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
Connexion.sendAsync @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
PydioBootstrap.loadBootConfig @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
(anonymous) @ pydio.boot.min.js:4
trigger @ pydio.boot.min.js:3
onReady @ pydio.boot.min.js:3

Requesting to know what additional information I should post if this is something that I can fix on my end or the result of a bad install or module conflicting.

Running Centos / WHM/cpanel (owner)

Is there a way to go back 1 version if 8.25 requires a fix or are there requirements for the script updates? Or somewhere I can look for this?

Everything works minus when accessing a public share just getting that, no htaccess or any issues.

Not sure what happenned, but now it be appending the domain its on 2x when calling files making them return 404, does anyone know where the config is that contains the base path/URI? Need to validate that / reset if possible.

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