PydioSync Authenication Problem

Hi All,
Running latest pydio version on a fresh install and cannot get it to authenticate from the PydioSync Client. Works fine from with website using https but cannot get it to work with the sync client.

Error: Error while trying to connect to https://.**.com :
Authentication failed: please verify your login and password

Username is an email address, but that should not be an issue as also cannot log in with admin account

Any Ideas would be much appreciated.

I am also having the same problem - I have searched archived forums and new forums trying each result. I have just about everything uncommented in my .htaccess file, I tried disabling auth-frontend, I have also browsed third party forums.

Is this a server configuration error or does this solely reside within the .htaccess file? I am running PHP7.1 with MariaDB EA4 Linux/Debian VPS. Pydio 8

@jackt - if you find a solution please post here. I am willing to try anything - I’d really prefer to use pydio to sync my folders to employees. Currently using Google Drive from GSuite and they want gold for the service.

Thank you for your help & for the awesome program!