Error while trying to connect

I just recently added the Pydio app onto my wordpress website through godaddy cpanel. Once i added it, I tried adding large video files and it says “the file is too big! please contact your administrator or use the desktop sync client”. I thought I am the admin? Anyways, I downloaded the desktop client, and now it is saying " Error while trying to connect to :

  • An SSL error happened! Is your server using a self-signed certificate? In that case please check ‘Trust SSL certificate’" when I try to login.

I do not have an SSL with my hosting. I did try to click trust ssl certificate anyways. I also tried using the http option to connect instead of the https. When doing that I get error " Error while trying to connect to :

  • Server not found (404), is it up and has it Pydio installed ?"

How can i fix this and login using the desktop client? I am using a Mac btw


for this case as you said, because you do not have an ssl certificate you must check the http option when attempting to connect.

for this case, could you tell me what you put in the fields for the sync client.

Yes, for the server not found I put in:

it seems to be working because i could see the login page, could you confirm that on your side.