Install multiple Pydio Instances

Hi, I have a general question:

Is it possible to have multiple installations on one Computer (given, that it has enough power)?
Reason is, that I want point to one Pydio installation and to another, without setting up a new machine.

I tried simply copying the first installation but obviously that didn`t work (I guess all the links are wrong).

PS: using Ubuntu 18.04 / Pydio 8 / Apache 2.4.29

Looking forward to your answer

yes it’s possible to have multiple instances of pydio on the same server, you would have to configure your virtual host file to suit either one of them, and also use different ports for example one on 80 and another on 8080.

Figured it out. The problem was, that I used the full pydio-installation. I switched to use the .zip-File and extracted it to a certain folder. Next I created a virtualhost with a certain servername to point to that folder. Repeat that with another folder, but another servername and you are ready to go. You can use the same port for all the sites, as they are different through the servername. (I used 443 for example).