Problem after install

sorry if i was not clear, i mean those settings,
i would like to know what are(type) your drivers and which one is master.

I send the screenshots, where can i see what type the drivers are and which is master? I don’t understand what you want to know from me. :weary::weary:

Hello Zayn, could you tell me where i can see which one ist master and where i can see what type the drivers are?? I don’t know what i should do now. I thought these are only options to select.
Does anyone else have an idea why i can’t see the Users and Groups in the section of users and groups?

you can find the settings that i told you about (in the screenshot) in the authentication section, in the left menu under the application parameters menu.

Hmm i searched for the option but i don’t find it in which position of the options is it from the top? I can’t realize which option it is, because my pydio is in german and there is no option from the text which would fit the option “application parameters”.
i looked all options but i don’t can make a connection to the master and slave driver. Sorry

Could you sent me a screenshot from the right place where i can see where i can find the application parameter menu?? I have the German version of pydio and i don’t find the place where this point is or which option it is.

it’s this one

you were in the menu here, and on top you should see master and secondary drive,

and i would like to know if you have 2 of them and if yes, which is master and which is secondary


… and this

are my options I configured. And these are only ones, i don’t have another one of these options found on the configuration…

Anyone have an Idea anyway to solve the Problem??

let’s take a step back,
would you mind telling me what you did since installing,
did you add something (authentication method, etc…) did you modify any option?

if you did not modify anything and installed as it is then we should take a look at the configurations.

I’m not really shure but as i know i changed the option “Query of users and Groups” an there the piont

   "Showing of rolls and groups" 
   and changed it to
   "Users (not groups and roles)" 

and the point after this

   "Adress Book history listing" 
   "users and groups/roles" 

then in the “Query of userdates” i turn on “Show existing users” i don’t know if it really turned off before i don’t have make a documentation of what i changed.
So is it possibile that u can give me your settings in that area and i try to change my settings and see if i get the users and groups to see??

Here’s my options if you want to make sure that you have the default ones,


i cannot assure you that it will fix everything, the php version could be one of the variables.

So as i see i don’t have anything changed…
I changed to php 7.3 and the users are pop up in the menü as it should be.

THX so far zayn