PLupload - Storage Driver support

I have PLupload working successfully with the File System and S3 Drivers, but it is not working with the FTP Server driver which is what I need it to work with. It shows a successful upload but never copies it to the FTP Server.

I am using:
Pydio 8.2.5
PLupload 2.3.6

Below is the error from the log. Any suggestions on how to correct are appreciated.
error l.306 | from FtpAccessDriver.php | message=Argument 1 passed to Pydio\\Access\\Driver\\StreamProvider\\FTP\\FtpAccessDriver::storeFileToCopy() must implement interface Pydio\\Core\\Model\\ContextInterface, array given, called in /var/www/pydio/plugins/uploader.plupload/Pluploader.php on line 218, referer:*************************************************&get_action=plupload_tpl&encode=false

Update 2:
I modified the line that was causing the above error from:
$driver->storeFileToCopy($ctx, $fileVars["file"]);

This resolved the error above but led to another that I am having a hard time identifying the cause.
error l.73 | from Controller.php | message=Call to a member function getStringIdentifier() on null, referer:***************************&get_action=plupload_tpl&encode=false