PHP Fatal errors in the log

So i get this message filling up my apache logs and my drive space, and i would love to have some help with this. I have searched some for it but can’t seam to find any solution. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

[Wed Nov 22 15:32:10.699682 2017] [php7:error] [pid 12232:tid 1324] [client] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught Error: Class 'Pydio\\Core\\Utils\\Vars\\InputFilter' not found in F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\plugins\\log.sql\\SqlLogDriver.php:436\nStack trace:\n#0 F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\plugins\\core.log\\Logger.php(126): Pydio\\Log\\Implementation\\SqlLogDriver->write2('Error', '', 'shared', 'no-repository', 'MqManager.php', 'error l.93', 'message=Class '...', Array)\n#1 F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\plugins\\core.log\\Logger.php(229): Pydio\\Log\\Core\\Logger::log2('Error', 'MqManager.php', 'error l.93', Array)\n#2 F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\core\\src\\pydio\\Core\\Http\\Server.php(235): Pydio\\Log\\Core\\Logger::error('MqManager.php', 'error l.93', Array)\n#3 F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\core\\src\\pydio\\Core\\Http\\Server.php(284): Pydio\\Core\\Http\\Server->catchError(0, 'Class 'Pydio\\\\Co...', 'F:\\\\UwAmp\\\\www\\\\fi...', 93, Object(Error))\n#4 [internal function]: Pydio\\Core\\Http\\Server->catchException(Object(Error))\n#5 {main}\n  thrown in F:\\UwAmp\\www\\files\\plugins\\log.sql\\SqlLogDriver.php on line 436 

Basically, this is on every line in my log, none are different to the other, it’s about 60K lines with this error on different times just right after each other. Thanks!

I got two websites running in my setup using vhost, and this is part of one of it, pydio got a whole drive dedicated to this matter since i have my business backups here. it have been quiet in the logs until about a week ago, and i have not done any tinkering with the setup.

Hi, this is weird.
Can you try to go to the settings, in the Messaging section, switch the plugin from MQ Sql to MQ Serial.

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Yes, this did the trick, Thank you so much!