Pydio error after server changes: "Fatal error: Uncaught Error:..."

Hello! I’m running Version : 8.2.5 installed with softaculous on a greengeeks server (. Release Date : 07-01-2020
Since the weekend my pydio does not work anymore. The hoster made some changes on the server (php 7.4.11, mysql 10.3.27-MariaDB) …

The error message in the browser is:

Fatal error : Uncaught Error: Class ‘Pydio\Core\AbstractLogDriver’ not found in /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/plugins/log.text/TextLogDriver.php:39 Stack trace: #0 /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/core/src/pydio/Core/PluginFramework/PluginsService.php(1022): require_once() #1 /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/core/src/pydio/Core/PluginFramework/PluginsService.php(494): Pydio\Core\PluginFramework\PluginsService->_loadDetectedPluginsFromCache(false) #2 /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/core/src/pydio/Core/PluginFramework/PluginsService.php(811): Pydio\Core\PluginFramework\PluginsService->loadPluginsFromCache(false) #3 /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/core/src/pydio/Core/PluginFramework/PluginsService.php(203): Pydio\Core\PluginFramework\PluginsService->getDetectedPlugins() #4 /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/core/src/pydio/Core/Services/ConfService.php(392): Pydio\Core\PluginFramework\PluginsService::getInstance(Object(Pydio\Core\Model\Context)) #5 /home/migrati1/public_html/t in /home/migrati1/public_html/toolkitupload/plugins/log.text/TextLogDriver.php on line 39

It appear when I try to log in or download data from the pydio.

The hoster tells my to reinstall pydio via softaculous again. But I’m afraid that I will loose all my data and configurations doing this. Does someone know this error and can recommend me a way how to make Pydio running again?
I would be very happy, because it would be a hell lot of work to setup the data structure again from the scratch.

Best greetings and hoping for some help-hints.

Please provide the following tags: install / upgrade, package type, server OS, pydio version

We resolved the problem in the meantime with a new installation of phydio and then the integration of the last backup we made. But it would be interesting still, which issue caused the error, not to do it again.


Pydio 8.2.5 supports only php version <= 7.3