PServer Pydio down


Following the update of pydio 8.0, I no longer have access via the web, thank you for your help.

Here is the result:

could you tell me your update process,
from which version, was it a package update ?
what is your environment, php version, mysql.

I made the update from the web interface.

The pydio version before crash was the 7

The PHP version is 7.2.

Mysql version 14.14.



FYI, I manually reinstall PHP but I have the same problem.

Can you help me?

Thanks a lot

This is problem of php module of apache.
You should install libapache2-mod-php or php72-php (something like that)
Type apachectl -M (or httpd -M) to see is php module loaded or not.

Another issue: Pydio 7 does not work with php 7.2 but Pydio 8 works.

Thanks a lot for your help.
Now I have an http error 500.

Here is the log:

Thank you

I have a new error:

Can you help me?


when installing php, did you also install all the php dependencies such as: php-intl php-gd php-mysql php-mbstring php-dom libapache2-mod-php


Yes, all these dependencies are installed.


  • Class DOMDocument not found: => php-xml package

  • Error DB:

  1. Try to restore db
  2. Update DB with latest version of pydio schema:
  3. edit /var/www/html/pydio/data/plugins/boot.conf/bootstrap.json for new db connection
  4. Replace php code of version 8.2.2 to work with PHP7.2