Periodically Workspace Will show as Emply

We have a new installation of Pydio 8.2.3 installed on Windows IIS to replace our dying version 6 on CentOS. We got it up and running fairly quickly and are starting to share files and have noticed a couple times that, while the site seems to be working, the workspace shows up as emply even though there are files there.

We’ve been able to get it working again by either rebooting the server or recycling the IIS app pool. I’ve looked at the Windows Event Logs and IIS logs and see no errors to indicate what’s happening. I just realized we didn’t have the logger enabled so I’ve turned it on. I’m hoping someone out there has some suggestions what might cause this symptom. I’ll update with log info if/when it happens again.

We have captured some error details. First is, when the issue occurs and and a guest attempts to access a shared link, the page comes up with

Unparenthesized ‘a,?b:c?d:e’ is deprecated. Ue (a.?b:c)?d,e or a?b:(c?d:e) instead.

We are also seeing a bunch of error messages “Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated” I’ve been able to find out that this is a PHP 7.4 issue. Is there any way to address this without downgrading to PHP 7.3?

Hello @rbeckwith, sorry for the late reply
As mentionned on the website, P8 is End Of Life and we will not support versions of php > 7.3.
So you should either switch to Pydio Cells or keep a 7.3 dedicated machine for pydio 8!

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