Passing sAMAccountName to Samba Driver

Hello all!

We use UPN’s from Active Directory to authenticate to Pydio. Works great! I have one issue getting home locations to work correctly however.

When we create the Home workspace in Pydio, currently we’re using the URI as Profiles\AJXP_USER. This works well but we must name the users folder with their full UPN on the Windows Server. We’d like to change this to sAMAccountName instead of the users UPN so we can just copy users in Active Directory using the %username% environment variable in the home path.

I see there is a parameter named MS_ACCNT_NAME that has the correct sAMAccountName but when we use URI Profiles\MS_ACCNT_NAME in the path, it errors out because the path doesn’t exist.

How can we get the Samba driver to use the data in MS_ACCNT_NAME? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


In ldap configuration, LDAP User ID is attribute name which its value will be userID in Pydio or will be the value of AJXP_USER.

If LDAP User ID = sAMAccountName => AJXP_USER = sAMAccountName

In Pydio + Ldap, the authentication will be done via use’s DN + password.
Pydio will ‘ask’ AD for user DN via “LDAP User ID” (ie: sAMAccountName) then bind with user’s DN + password.