Notification email template

On Pydio Cells,
What i can do to modify the email notifications template?
Where are the templates located?

Thanks again for all your help!

you could take a look at this package

(we use this for our mails.)
and then take a look at the code.

How i can integrate it with Pydio Cells?
I’m really newbie on Go and general programming

Thanks for your help

@zayn I would appreciate if you can show us how to modify email notifications template as I would like to change it as well.

Where is the template or code that we can modified?

As far as I can see, most of the code lives under broker/mailer/ and broker/mailer/templates/. The templates themselves come from the Hermes package itself, and you can find them under vendor/ There are two themes, default and flat (read the instructions on the link provided by @zayn). I guess you can tweak them and recompile Cells, but be warned, it’s highly likely that these files get overwritten when Cells is updated…

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