Nothing Happens After Login

Issue Statement

I have been having some troubling getting Pydio Cells working properly in a container, behind an nginx proxy, in a local test network.

After successfully installing Pydio Cells via the web based installation wizard, the page automatically reloads and I am presented with the login page.

However, after entering the admin details set up during installation, the login dialog disappears but then … nothing.

Setup Details

I am not actually using docker to run the container/s, but instead I am using podman (which fully supports running Docker images/containers)

The commands I am using to run the containers:

podman pod create --name pydio --publish --publish 33060

podman run -d --pod pydio --name pydio-mariadb \
	--env MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=supersecretpassword \
	--env MYSQL_DATABASE=pydio \
	--env MYSQL_USER=pydio \
	--env MYSQL_PASSWORD=supersecretpassword \
	--volume /var/data/pydio/mariadb:/var/lib/mysql:Z \

	# --env PYDIO_GRPC_EXTERNAL=33061 \
podman run -d --pod pydio --name pydio-cells \
	--env CELLS_BIND= \
	--env CELLS_EXTERNAL=https://files.server.test \
	--volume /var/data/pydio/config:/var/cells:Z \
	--volume /var/data/pydio/data:/var/cells/data:Z \

The relevant nginx config

	# Pull in SSL set up		
	include snippets/certs.conf;
	include snippets/ssl.conf;


	upstream pydio {
		server localhost:8081;


	server {
		listen 443 ssl http2;
		listen [::]:443 ssl http2;
		server_name files.server.test;
		# Set up the reverse proxy
		location / {
			# include snippets/proxy-headers.conf;
			proxy_set_header X-Real-IP $remote_addr;
			# include snippets/proxy-big.conf;
			proxy_buffering off;
			client_max_body_size 200m;
			proxy_pass https://pydio$request_uri;
		location /ws {
			include snippets/proxy-headers.conf;
	        proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
	        proxy_set_header Connection "upgrade";
			proxy_buffering off;
			proxy_read_timeout 86400;
			client_max_body_size 200m;
			proxy_pass https://pydio/;

Forgot to mention, there are no errors from pydio-cells and there are also no errors showing up in the browser console

Hello @ploof - and sorry for the late response, with the 2.2 release, we had quite a lot to do…

Anyway, I was willng to play and experiment with podman today. Could you solve your problem or are you still stuck ?

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