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Hi everyone.
I recently changed my installation from Pydio 8 to Cells. The truth is that I do not see significant improvements, but that is irrelevant now.
The problem is that now the PydioSync client does not connect, it always shows the following error:
Error while trying to connect to https://xxxxxxxxxxx :
An SSL error happened! Is your server using a self-signed certificate? In that case please check ‘Trust SSL certificate’
The certificate is valid and works on all common browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera). There is no way to connect, even if I leave checked the option “Trust SSL certificate”.
I have tried from 3 different clients (all with macOS 10.13) and shows the same error on 3 Macs. On Windows 7, client works fine and can connect without problems.
The server is Pydio Cells Home Edition 1.0.1 on Centos 7.

right now we are working on a pydio sync for cells,
i will keep you updated when there will be more informations.

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Hi Zayn
I run Cells in a docker env on a ubuntu host. installation is up and running.
I have share directory on host with bind mount that is picked up as a datasource and visible in workspace.
host ip 192.xxxxxx, container ip 172.xxxx

a) But how can I create a datasource chosing the host as in the peer-list ?
b) Any difference if container configured with ip on host network ?
c) Is it only os with a Cell installation that can be chosen as peer or even via ftp?
d) Another way would maybe be to install a sync client on the host, I run a server without desktop. Any linux sync client with poosibility to be managed by cli ?

Appreciate some clarification on above 4 questions as I havent found them in the docs.




a): Because it’s a container it’s on the host, if you want the data just create a volume and it will be stored on your local machine even though you are selection the docker address.

b)you can use the same ip as the host, you just have to map the good port for the internal and the external that you chose for your container.


i didnt get that one,

d) Having a sync on the host kinda kills the purpose of the sync client, as for the linux version it’s on our roadmap.

On point c)
Right now I have my container configured with bridge network giving it a 172 address. But if I choose host network giving it the hostadress what is then defined as peers? Other servers on the LAN through sftp/ftp?
I mean a different server/host on the LAN. Can they appear in the peer list? Does it require a cells installation to be a peer?
Or do I have to mount other servers on the host through nfs/cifs shares?

on the peers will only appear the cells server for you case the container, even though you access the container using the ip of the machine that is running the container, right now i’m unsure but i believe that you will be able to run storage on another machines and link it to your pydio cells through the ip with the peer field.

Hi Zayn,

Will you keep us updated here in the forum? We have an enterprise license, but are fond of Pydio sync. And I would like to use Pydio Cells.
What to do? :wink:

right now we are still working on it, doing heavy testing and we still have stuff to fix,
i cannot give you a exact deadline but when it will be finished you will see it on our site, twitter etc …

Hi there,

The current version of the Pydio Sync client does not have support for Pydio Cells. But it’ll be available soon.

Besides, we’ve been improving The Pydio Sync client and here below is a link to download the latest versions for Wondows and OSX:


Same problem, watch on it.

Hello folks,

Any news on this matter?

Thanks, Marten

Hi Marten,
Please be patient and stick to P8 if you wish to use the Sync Client. We want to make sure that when we give a go for Sync + Cells it’s a real go, not a half-baked stuff. This requires some significant optimizations on the server side. Now that we finally removed PHP totally, this is definitely on a good path.

Hello, just curious if the sync client is still not ready for cells? Thank you for all you do!

it is still a work in progress, when the time arrives there will be a post on the blog about it.

I’m assuming this includes the mobile version as well? As I can’t connect to my Cells instance with the mobile version nor the Windows Desktop (haven’t tried Mac yet).

I swapped from NextCloud to Pydio because the latest version of NextCloud refused to sync properly between clients and the server and initial data uploading was tedious because it kept creating errors. I’m hoping there’s a solution to sync Pydio Cells soon because there aren’t that many open source software solutions for this.

Hi Charles,
Is there any idea when will that happen? Any timeline, a week, a month, a year?
Regards, Hrvoje

Hi @hbogner, we will soon release a dedicated page for the roadmap. That said, we plan something around 4/6 months for the sync client. Maybe sooner, but we put some security :slight_smile:

Thank you for the info.
Looking forward to that dedicated roadmap page.
Now I can plan according to that timeline.

Hi Charles,
we need to work with Pydio Sync x Pydio Cells installed on Centos7.
Can we ask you a solution? it depends on server configuration?
Thanks. Best regards

Hi @charles

We also are very interested in the Sync working , any news?

Regards Mark