Network error failed to fetch - People page - Arabic encoding

When I change my encoding to be Arabic, and now it accepts folders and files with Arabic.
However, I can’t view users from Admin side, I follow setting > users, the page still blank which can’t show any user. Just an error “network error failed to fetch”.

How to view them from admin setting page?

Note: viewing users was working fine before changing the encoding!

it could be that it couldn’t fetch the data from your database because of the encoding, you could try changing your server’s encoding. I believe its local variable.

I change encoding here of pydio project:
ServerEncoding.php -> “pydio-core-8.0.2\core\src\pydio\Tests”

why can’t it read from DB? since pydio read all data about files roles and user info!

for the time being you should revert the what you had working before, i will ask the devs about the specifics.