Character encoding Brazilian Portugues

I new in Pydio and instal im my webhost…

Im my tests I create a local .txt file. After saving I move it to sync folder. This file, online, it’s show with enconding character problems like: “localiza��o do usu�rio”

how to fix it?

*sorry by my poor english

could you try this as seen in the faq it might be a PHP encoding issue, Pydio needs to know what type of encoding you’re using.

Thank’s for your reply Zayn. I do not have access to shell.
The encoding error is not occurring in pydio startup or core translations but only in .txt files.

The characters did not display correctly on opening the files, but despite not touching them or doing anything to the encoding (auto-detected as UTF-8), they were overwritten with something else, which popped up in version control.