Pydio cells 2.2.0 - nginx proxy on non-root domain url

I’m in the process of installing Pydio cells 2.2.0 on my shared-host server which uses nginx reverse proxy.

The built in nginx setup means that all services must be exposed on a url like:

web services I install have can’t have a root url to themselves as the url path must include my username to work.

I’ve got the cells site configured with the external url as the full url above including the /username

However that clearly isn’t enough, it doesn’t work via nginx - when I navigate to the url I can see in the network inspector it tries to redirect to which then just shows the shared host default page.

I can access it on the direct internal port cells is configured to run on where it’s still running at the root of the server.

Is it possible to run cells on a non-root url?

Nope. Not for the time being. It’s in the backlog but it hasn’t got enough drive to be implemented yet.

Drats. Thanks for the reply!
I’ll have to re-think what I need to achieve…

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