Missing user comments in REST API activity stream response

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first post so hopefully there is enough information but if the question is not clear enough don’t hesitate to ask for more details.

Describe your issue in detail

When calling the /a/activity/stream REST API some user comments seems to be missing.
Here is an example:
*I can only post 1 screenshot, but I have 37 comments on a folder. I would expect if I call the /activity/stream endpoint I should see all of those comments in the feed:

As you can see, only 9 UpdateComment show up in the response. I am wondering if there is something I am not understanding? I would expect the activity feed for a given node to return all actions made on that node.
It seems to be happening when multiple comments are quickly added one after the other. Looks like only the last comment is saved in the activity stream.

This is kind of annoying since as far as I know it is the only way to get the comments on a Node using the REST API? I’d rather avoid having to setup websockets to get that information.

What version of Cells are you using?

Docker image of Pydio Cell Entreprise V4.3.1

What is the server OS? Database name/version? Browser name or mobile device description (if issue appears client-side)?

the db is mysql, base docker image is mysql:8

What steps have you taken to resolve this issue already?

looked a bit through the cells code see if I could understand if that is on purpose but I am not familiar with go.
In the PostMessage function (handler.go line 133) there is the following that seems to indicate comments should be published as a NodeChange:
if room, err := c.dao.RoomByUuid(bgCtx, chat.RoomType_NODE, m.RoomUuid); err == nil { broker.MustPublish(bgCtx, common.TopicMetaChanges, &tree.NodeChangeEvent{ Type: tree.NodeChangeEvent_UPDATE_USER_META, Target: &tree.Node{Uuid: room.RoomTypeObject, MetaStore: map[string]string{ "comments": + m.Message +, }}, }) if count, e := c.dao.CountMessages(bgCtx, room); e == nil { getMetaClient(c.RuntimeCtx).UpdateNode(bgCtx, &tree.UpdateNodeRequest{To: &tree.Node{ Uuid: room.RoomTypeObject, MetaStore: map[string]string{ "has_comments": fmt.Sprintf("%d", count), }, }}) } }


  1. Activity Stream limitation: The Activity Stream in Pydio Cells is not the most reliable source for obtaining historical data on nodes. Rely on text count from the Activity Stream may lead to inaccuracies due to potential merging or truncation of messages during transmission or storage.
  2. Chat message are transmitted via WebSocket channels. Currently, there is no REST API available for accessing chat messages. If you require access to this data, you will need to implement ad Websocket client to communicate with the WS server
  3. Audit Log for detailed Node Updates: For a completed and detailed list of updates made to a node, the Audit Log is a more suitable source.

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