Comment on just shared files

Pydio 8.2.2

Hi Charles,
After sharing a directory with a user, how can I look at the comments, this user is making on files?
There is no comments feed on the repository I shared from, of course.

I enabled user comments (Comment Feed) for the “Shared Files” repository via conf/bootstrap_repositories.php
"meta.comments" => array( "COMMENT_SIZE_LIMIT" => "1000" )

The user is able to comment, but I don’t see a way to read and interact …
How is this supposed to work? What else do I need to do?
Thank you.

it’s because when you share a file, assuming that it’s located inside “common-files” when you share it, it will still stay in this location and the user with whom you shared with will receive in his inbox a notification with the file, he can either copy it or download it.

The shared files repo is as i said more of an inbox than a workspace, for this to work you would have to have access at the same workspace with the user with whom you want to share, a way would be to have a common workspace with this feature and work in the same folder.

Now that said, with Pydio Cells this aspect has been reworked and should resemble the way you are looking for, you can now have a chat per share space(called cells, which you can share with any user you want) therefore you will have a private space with a chat to interact and a comment feed on files.