Migration from pydio 8 - User password not imported


I’m trying to migrate users from a Pydio 8.2.5 installation into a fresh installation of Pydio Cells 3.0.5,

I can confirm that I have:

  • setup a dedicated import admin on Pydio 8
  • AllowEncodedSlashes On on Pydio 8 server

The import itself is fine, I have no errors and all users are imported.
However, when I try to login into Pydio Cells with an user credential from Pydio 8, I have a “login failed” error. My user password is not valid.

I’ve tried to debug the issue in the database: If I set the hashed password of a Pydio Cell user to its value from Pydio 8, I can login.

So it seems that user import is somehow broken, otherwise what did I wrong ?

Thanks in advance,

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