Migrate pydio 8 to cells - import Users fails


I am trying to migrate from a centos 7 pydio 8.2.5 server to cells 2.1.6 on a new centos 8 server. (all servers up to date)
(like it is descriped in this tutorial)

Now there is a problem with the user import:
When i try to import with “Cells Console” - “Data Managment” - “Data Import” an follow the assistent,
i can connect successfully with the pydio 8 by entering the importer user and password. Then, wenn i start in Step 6 to import the “Users, Groups and Roles”, i got this error:

Error: Get http:/// no Host in request URL

I don’t know where there are 3 slashes at the beginning - i tired also with the hostname and the URL, but always the same problem.

Does anybody know, what i did wrong?

Please, Help :slight_smile:


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