MetaStore in Node and UserMeta

In the definition of Node in common/proto/tree/tree.pb.go one sees that a Node has a map MetaStore of key-value pairs.
Am I right to think that this is not the UserMeta(data) (The map is of type string-string and not of type UserMeta defined in common/proto/idm/idm.proto (
Hence what is this MetaStore? Someone can give me examples of what is stored in there?

Hello @osoo,

The metastore is used to store the info of a file that we need on Cells (to display, etc…),

For instance here is a screenshot of it (the document is an image).

you can notice that the metastore has the name (which is also the name displayed on the UI) and some dimensions.

Among others metadata is also stored inside the metastore.

To answser your question, the metastore is used to store info that we would need for Cells.

Thanks a lot @zayn
I have still some doubt. The User Meta data is it also added to this MetaStore? If not, they are hence stored in separate database table only?

How have you made the screenshot? Is it token from the pydio web interface? How to acces that page?


The screenshot is from my browser’s console,
I listed all the files(nodes in Cells) inside a workspace and then i took a look at it.