How to automatically store Metadata of uploaded files?

I wonder if Pydio Cells can automatically retrieve metadata from a XML files, that are uplouded. So, for example, there is a STATEMENT TYPE element in the file, which can have different values. After loading the XML files and the automatically loaded predefined metadata, I could search for the files according to various criteria.

For example search files with DATE=1992 AND CODE=3 AND CODE=8. Can Pydio do this?

Example of XML file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"? exportHeader creatorSN="" creatorVersion="2.31" creatorType="ASD" exportVersion="2.4" book Book_GUID="17dc8a35-b9e7-4bd0-882c-c7eb7ef78d0d" Date="1992" statement type="Action" valid="no" code="10" Paul statement statement type="Common" valid="no" code="3" John statement statement type="Common" valid="no" code="8" Andrea statement statement type="Common" valid="yes" code="80" Other statement> (notice: I dont know how to put XML text here, so every statement type are in separate lines, hope you understund)