Pydio cells, metadata How to add Relations, links

I need to create relations between files (links from one file to another) For example, link a file that is similar or related to the given file. I think this can be done with the metadata but there should be a metadata type “File”
Which files needs to be changed to achieve that?

Hello and welcome @osoo,

If I may rephrase your question so that we both look for the same thing:

  • Do you wish to append the same metadata on multiple files?
  • Or maybe you want an URL bookmark(which will redirect you to an external resource)

Thanks for your interest @zayn.

What I want to do is append relations to files (called “Nodes” internally in pydio, I think) This relations have a name (for example “similar file”, “generated from”, …) and point to other pydio cells Node.

I found in git that cdujeu, 2019-03-16 14:18:29, added a new type: “json” (Add new json type for user meta), but its still hard to understand the code, there are so many source files; also some .js files seems to be copied into others…

I’ve red and but any further help/documentation is highly welcome. For beginning the relations between “type”, “namespace”, “default namespace for metadata”, “usermeta”, “metaprovider”, “ns-provider”. I also don’t understand frontend/front-srv/assets/meta.user/js/build/MetaClient.js, there seems to be functions in functions in functions. Same thing for frontend/front-srv/assets/meta.user/js/build/ReactMeta.js and frontend/front-srv/assets/meta.user/js/react/MetaClient.js

Once the type added, tags using this type have to be rendered in the browser, hence its necessary to know where to add code for that. And there has to be code to add/manipulate the “relation-tags”.