Mailer doesn't use default From: Address

Hi, we are ussing Pydio Cells 2.2.2 and we have a issue with the Mailer. We must use a default address for the From: Address. But the Mailer use even the From: Address from the Userprofile. Only if the Userprofile without a address, in this case Mailer use the default address. That is a problem because our Mailserver have a policy. Mail with our Maildomain in the From: and To: are vorbidden. Example: From: Beta@org, To: Alpha@org

Hi kohhibu, I upgraded a test system earlier this week and stumbled over the same but, it I remember right, this was happening only when sending a test message (would need to confirm this).

Hi falk.john.
No, unfortunaly not. Same behavior, if i send a mail to sharing a folder. That’s strange, because it works with the older Pydio Version 8.

Hi kohhibu,
you are right - when sending share details, the users email address is being used (as with sending a test messages). When sending a notification (watch) however, the mailer configuration is applied and the configured address is being used.

A bug report has already been opened: pydio.grpc.mailer default from setting has no effect · Issue #304 · pydio/cells · GitHub


Hi, falk.john, you are right, the notification works, thanks for the information about the bug report.


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