Limit Max. Parallel Tasks used by Scheduler for System Flows?


how can I limit the Max. Parallel Tasks used by the Scheduler for “Extract image thumbnails and Exif data”?
If I e.g. upload a folder with 300 images, all CPU’s go to 100%, as soon as I disable the scheduler for the flow, cpu normalizes.

I’m using the free version, is it even possible to adjust these “system flows” here? It doesn’t make sense to fully utilize the server if a user uploads several pictures.

I found this website “Parallelism and Concurrency” but seems to be for paid versions only.

Using Ubuntu & MariaDB + Pydio current versions.

best regards

Hello, thanks for posting!
Editing flows max concurrency parameter is indeed an Enterprise Edition features. That said, this default “Thumbnails” flow is already set up to limit parallel tasks to 5, so normally this setting is already sufficient to avoir huge CPU load…
How big are your images? And what are your server capacities (cpu/ram)?


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