Pydiosync limits and threshold

We’re insterested in deploying Pydiosync to a dozen of remote colleagues. And then I was wondering if there are any known limits in the number of users working with the same folder ?
Has anyone experienced this kind of usecase ?
These users will also have access to a very limited bandwidth (1mbps max). No big files involved (only pdf, xls, regular office stuff) but could this have an impact on sync peformance ?

Using v8.0.2, by the way…


right now we are working on the sync client because there is cases with editor such as word, open office etc… that produces temp files when you are editing and therefore those files are sometimes uploaded and sometimes not which in return might mess things up for other users, you could totally use it for pdf etc…

And when the new version will be available you will be able to use for that case.

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Hi fracture0,

As Zayn mentinned there are known issues on xls files with the Pydio Sync client. And to answer your question there are no known limits in the number of users working on the same folder.

But there are update with improvements available here:

Please download and try it and let us know if you encounter issues.


Ok thanks
I’ll try the latest version