Very High CPU Pydio Cells in Docker

I’m using Pydio Cells Home Edition 2.1.6 running in docker on a DELL R810 Xeon server, Ubuntu OS.

My server seems to bog down after a few days and will become responsive again once I do a docker restart [containerid of pydio cells]

I have Webmin installed on the server and I see routinely the CPU spikes up to 100%. In Webmin the running processes tab shows the following.

Is there anything I can do to get the CPU usage down?

Hello @PY5525,

Could you provide me with the following:

  • How many files do you have?
  • How many datasources do you have?
  • How many users are authenticated?

Number of files: Around 500 (across all datasources)

Number of datasources: 38

Number of users authenticated: Max 5 at any one time

Thanks for the help.

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