Lighttpd setup: Oops, cannot find this page!

I am trying to install pydio-core-8.0.2.tar.gz on OpenBSD 6.3 with lighttpd lighttpd/1.4.48 (ssl) - a light and fast webserver.

I get:

Oops, cannot find this page!

for the index page.

I can run runTests.php?ignore_tests=true separately with no problem:

"Status : No specific errors were detected, your Pydio installation should run smoothly! "

I was googling around and found modifications such as:

url.rewrite-if-not-file = (
#url.rewrite-once = (
“^/public/(.)" => “/index.php$0”,
)\xe2\x80\x9d => \xe2\x80\x9c/index.php", "^/user(.*)” => “/index.php?get_action=user_access_point$0”,
“^/dashboard(.)$" => “/index.php$0”,
)$” => “/index.php$0”,
“^/settings(.)$" => “/index.php$0”,
)$” => “/index.php?$0”,

They don’t even work with the current lighttpd anymore.

My current vhost declaration:

HTTP["host"] =~ "^pydio\.server\.com" {
server.document-root = “/data/www/pydio”
$HTTP[“url”] =~ “^/data/” {
url.access-deny = ("")

unfortunately i don’t have that much experience with lighttpd right now, i will try to install pydio with it and see if there’s a specific configuration or atleast translating apache’s configuration to lighttp such as rewrite rules etc…