Error main page


We are in version 8.2.1 of Pydio on Debian 8.
We wanted to modify our logo in Pydio. When we clicked to save configuration Pydio crash.

On main page we have error : “Oops, cannot find this page!”
Apache is ok and no error appears in logs.

Can you help me ?



Make sure apache module: rewrite is enabled and .htaccess in the root of pydio folder is :

Module is ok.
.htaccess have one difference with yours :

  • mine : RewriteBase /pydio
  • you : RewriteBase /

If the url is http(s):// =>RewriteBase /pydio
else if http(s):// => RewriteBase /


My problem is not here, I think it’s in database. Any ideas ?