'Launching task Running indexation in background' results in error

This is a recurrent on basically all folders I browse, several “Launching task Running indexation in background in background” errors appear. What can I do to solve this?

Running Pydio 8.0.2 on my home server Ubuntu 14.04.5 / Nginx 1.12.2 / PHP 7.1.15 / Mysql 5.6.33

could you have a look at the pydio logs you can find them in the database under the ajxp_log table, you can also look at your webserver logs.

Hmmm strange. The bug appeared again when I logged in but since then, impossible to reproduce it. Nothing in the latest error.log file in the nginx logs, and the ajxp_log table only has the following suspicious ERROR type entry:

ERROR | shared | SecureTokenMiddleware.php | error l.70 | message=You are not allowed to access this resource.

it could"ve been a caching issue (maybe).