Issue configuring site(s)

I did the default install for cells home and everything works fine on 8080. I am having issues getting a site configured so I figured I would just setup something easy and listen on a different port. My cells configure sites returns the following but I can not reach the site on port 8082, however, I can still reach this site on 8080.

pydio@vm-prd-profitq-dmsvr01:~$ cells configure sites
The following sites are currently defined:
| 0 | | Self-signed | |
Use the arrow keys to navigate: ↓ ↑ → ←
? What do you want to do:
▸ Add a new site
Edit current site
Delete current site (will fallback to defaults)

I am sure I probably just missed something. This is on Ubuntu 20.4

Hello and welcome to the forum.

Such issues usually indicates that you are missing something and configure another instance than the one that is running and that you access via the web.

In such case usual suspects are the following:

A) the user that is used to launch the app
B) the Cells working directory

First question you must answer to find and fix the problem is “how do you start the app in normal (production) mode”

If you are using systemd, you should find the user and working directory used in e.g. /etc/systemd/system/cells.service

If you have followed our best practices, you might have defined the working directory to be /var/cells

So assuming you are using user pydio to both run the app and call the cells configure sites command, I would strongly suggest to insure the $CELLS_WORKING_DIR is correctly defined in the pydio user profile before calling cells configure

Thank you,

You nailed it. The environment variable was not set for the pydio user. I set it and did a quick test on a different port and was able to connect on that port. Now, to see if I can get my godaddy certificate to work and define a default site using that certificate.

I appreciate the quick response!


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