404 Site is not served on this interface

Hi all,

I’ve installed latest version of Pydio Cells on clean VM with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS server and MariaDB v10.4.5 this official guides:

During install I’ve used this options:

Welcome to Pydio Cells Home Edition installation
Pydio Cells Home Edition will be configured to run on this machine. Make sure to prepare the following data
 - IPs and ports for binding the webserver to outside world
 - MySQL 5.6+ (or MariaDB equivalent) server access
Pick your installation mode when you are ready.

✔ Command line (performed in this terminal)
Cannot find vaultKeyPath, creating new one /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/cells-vault-key
     Warning! A keyring is not found on this machine,
        A Master Key has been created for cyphering secrets
   It has been stored in /home/pydio/.config/pydio/cells/cells-vault-key
   Please make sure to secure this file and update the configs
   with its new location, under the defaults/keyPath key.
✔ localhost:8080
✔ Disable SSL (not recommended)
✔ External Url, used to access application from outside world (it can differ from internal url if you are behind a proxy or inside a private network):

## Database Connection
✔ Database Hostname: localhost
✔ Database Port: 3306
✔ Database Name: cells
✔ Database User: pydio
✔ Database Password (leave empty if not needed): *********
✔ Successfully connected to the database

## Frontend Configuration
✔ Admin Login (leave passwords empty if an admin is already created): admin
✔ Admin Password: ************
✔ Confirm Password: ************

## Advanced Settings
✗ There are some advanced settings for ports and initial data storage. Do you want to edit them:

## Performing Installation
2019-05-22T10:29:44.800Z        INFO    Starting installation now       {"bindUrl": "http://localhost:8080"}
✔ Created main database
✔ Created default datasources
✔ Configuration of gateway services
✔ Creation of logs directory

✔ Installation Finished: please restart with './cells start' command

Finally, when I try to access Pydio by typing in web browser i got this response:

404 Site is not served on this interface

This is clean Ubuntu server installation without any additional software, no Apache, no PHP or anything else except MariaDB.

Does anyone have any idea what is the problem? Thx in advance.

Hi @UniMaksa,

Could you please share the logs when you start cells ?

Thanks in advance,

What happens if you change it to I had to do that to get Cells to work.